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Website Design Prices.

Most of the time when you look at web design packages, numbers and prices get thrown around with a per hour rate, estimated timespan and approximate quotation… we don’t really like that. At GraphicPig, we try to keep things simple; so we’ve created some bespoke packages that are perfect for those looking to branch into the online world for the first time. Whether it’s a complex E-Commerce Store, or a simple start-up site, we’ve got you covered with fantastic prices and beautiful designs all-round.

If you’re looking for something relatively complex, large-scale or it just doesn’t fit in the categories below, please contact us about our Custom Bespokse package so we can get you an accurate price.

All of the packages below can have extras added, such as functions and pages, or be added to Graphic Design / Copywriting packages to guarantee the best pricing for you at all times.

Bespoke Start-up.



+ £50 annually.




+ £50 annually.




+ £50 annually.


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for exact pricing.

All of our sites include:

WordPress Content

All of our bespoke sites are created using the WordPress Platform, equipped with a Content Management System that’s easy to use for you to add products, posts and more.

GDPR Compliance
& Policies.

All of our websites are GDPR compliant, regardless of which package you choose. Each site is equipped with a themed cookie policy too, so your users know exactly what’s happening.

Secure and speedy
hosting plans.

All of our sites are hosted on super speedy, unlimited storage servers, with CPanel integration as standard. This guarantees that your site will be super quick and always ready.

All of our sites are GDPR compliant and secure, including anti-spam and RECAPTCHA (where applicable). We offer full support and maintenance on all packages1, ensuring a secure and no downtime2. Future modifications, changes and additions may come at an extra charge unless specifically stated at the quotation of the package.

Graphic Design Prices.

Much like web design, Graphic Design is different for everyone… so if you want a 100% accurate quotation, give us a message and discuss it with us! We offer branding on all levels, from digital to print and from brand new to reworking your old stuff, so the opportunities are endless.





Print &

from £49


from £99

*Major formats include PSD, PNG, SVG and JPG. Other formats can be discussed if required.
Graphic Design services and web design services can be combined for specific packages and savings, please contact us if you wish for this.
Future modifications, changes, colour changes and additions to any designs WILL come at extra cost. These costs can always be estimated so please contact us to find out more.


£40 per hour OR £275 per day.

Copywriting can be built into every other package we offer, or purchased as an individual service. When built into another quote or package, it will always be at a discounted rate to create the best value for you and your business. Individual needs can be assessed for copywriting if the service is required frequently or on more than one occasion (and is known at the time of purchase). 

If you wish to add copywriting to a quote or take it as a solo service, please get in touch with us.


£40 per hour

Additional services can always be added into packages or purchased separately at our standard hourly rate. If you are purchasing an additional service as part of a package, you will get a discounted rate on the service and a better value over all.

Additional services can include: web maintenance, care and repair, changes to previous graphic designs for new purposes, adding or altering products for a site, website modifications (ie. promotional or seasonal) and all other non-previously-agreed services.

Not 100% sure what you're looking for? Don't worry about it, just get in touch!

1Maintenance packages may cost extra, please contact us for exact quotes.
2No downtime is never guaranteed and is dependent on the hosting server, although outages are VERY rare, they do occur. Any downtime will always be fixed within 24 hours.